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WVOnline is a part of a much larger network called the West Virginia Network. Actually, WVOnline is the flagship of this network family of sites. Below you will see a list of all the sites and a description of each site. When you add your listing to WVOnline, you are actually subscribing to the full West Virginia Network so your listing will be seen across these various sites. Many of the sites are focused on specific features and activities within West Virginia, such as Skiing (skiwv.com), Bicycling (bicyclewv.com), and, one of the most popular sites, Whitewater Rafting (wvwhitewater.com). Across our network family of sites, we received millions of visitors each year – people who come to these sites looking for information about places to go, things to see, and the businesses and services that can meet their needs for vacationing, business activities, purchasing, and more.

As you setup your listing on WVOnline, or any of the other West Virginia Network sites, you’ll be prompted to categorize your site – to tell us where you want it listed. You’ll start with a site level and then drill through the navigation for that site to set where your business or organizations listing will show. Once you select a category, if it is a category that will show on multiple navigation sites, it will give you the opportunity to place it on each of the sites. And the best part – listing your business or organization on any and all of our sites is absolutely FREE!

Below is a complete listing of each of the West Virginia Network family of websites:

All of our advertizing packages are the same no matter on which of our WVOnline Network sites you choose to place your listing.

In addition to our selection of advertizing packages for your business, you can also take advantage of our Elite Banner Ads program as well as the "In the Spotlight" placement. For more information and pricing plans for these services, please contact us! sales@citynet.net
Listing Package Pricing
Gold Package $125.00
Silver Package $50.00
Bronze Package $25.00
Free Package $0.00
WV Online (http://www.wvonline.com/)
WVOnline, also known as the West Virginia Power Broker, is considered one of the flagships of the WVNetwork family. This no nonsense, down to business site focuses on putting West Virginia consumers in contact with West Virginia businesses. Simply put, if you want to find a business or organization in West Virginia, make WVOnline your first stop. WVOnline provides access to the entire WV Network database – giving you quick and direct access to every listing from any of the WV Network sites in a clear categorical format.
Bicycle WV (http://www.bicyclewv.com/)
Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing action sports in America and West Virginia is one of the premier locations to find trails from beginner to expert. Bicyclewv.com is loaded with information on where to go, what to see, find that special trail to meet your skills, locate a qualified outfitter and local shops that provide sales and service for all your needs. Even make online reservations at local lodging facilities.
Ski WV (http://www.skiwv.com/)
This is “the” site for anyone wanting to get skiing information to the wonderful slopes and cross country trails in West Virginia. You’ll find ski/snow conditions; lodging; outfitters; current news and events; and you may even make your next ski trip reservation. Not sure of which ski area you want to visit? Check out our handy location map showing where all the ski areas are in the State. Want more information? Just make your online request on skiwv.com.
West Virginia (http://www.westvirgina.com/)
West Virginia - It's You is the official travel guide for tourism information, travel & recreation, state information, and tourist attractions for the state of West Virginia.
West Virginia Network (http://www.westvirginianetwork.com/)
West Virginia Network
WV Golf (http://www.wvgolf.com/)
West Virginia’s mountains and climate make it an ideal golf destination. You’ll find public and private courses throughout the beautiful state that will be both challenging and breathtaking. From the Pete Dye Golf Course in Bridgeport, WV, one of the top ranked courses in the country, to the local golf courses in many communities, you’ll find everything you need for a golf outing in West Virginia at the WV Golf site. Find golf courses, outfitters, golf lessons, and more at this site, completely dedicated to the sport of golf in the Mountain State.
WV Health (http://www.wvhealth.com/)
Looking for health information in West Virginia? Check out wvhealth.com for listings of doctors, healthy living tips, and more. You can even send your friends a postcard from WVHealth.com!
WV Lodging (http://www.wvlodging.com/)
Find lodging in West Virginia for a night, a weekend retreat, or for your entire vacation! This site provides information and lodging for just about any type of lodging that visitor’s may need…from top notch resorts, bed and breakfast Inns to Rustic cabins and our wonderful State Parks. Search the site according to the location desired or a specific county. Reservations are always welcomed!
WV Media Guide (http://www.wvmediaguide.com/)
Want to keep up with the latest news in West Virginia. WV Media Guide is your source to locate all of your local media sources. WVMediaGuide.com provides listings to newspapers, periodicals, college publications, news and television stations, radio stations and more across the state. Log in and find out where to tune in!
WV Realty Network (http://www.wvrn.com/)
Are you in the market to buy a home? Check out the West Virginia Realty Network at WVRN.com. This one stop shop allows you to quickly search house and property listings as well as find a realtor, appraiser, broker, builder, developer, or more – right in your area!
WV Sportsmen (http://www.wvsportsmen.com/)
West Virginia truly is a Wild and Wonderful state! For the outdoorsman, it doesn’t get any better than the hills, streams, and lakes of West Virginia abounding with wildlife and adventure just waiting for you. Visit WVSportsmen.com for information on hunting and fishing in West Virginia, and find places to go, outdoors outfitters, guided trips, and detailed information for sportsmen in West Virginia.
WV Trails (http://www.wvtrails.com/)
West Virginia is blessed with some of the finest trails systems in America. Whether your trail set is via bicycle; ATV; or you’re looking for a great scenic trail for a great hike, you’ll find the information you need at wvtrails.com. Search our site for your next trail; find trail location; length of the trail and trail facts to keep you safe and confident; even stops to make along the way. You can see current news and events; and even request more information.
WV Whitewater (http://www.wvwhitewater.com/)
This is a detailed site dedicated to those wanting to find top notch outfitters and trips down West Virginia’s most exciting whitewater destinations. Need to know the river conditions; find a special trip; watch a photo or video tour of a recent whitewater excursion; learn about our rivers; get rafting and kayak information; lodging in the area; and even make your trip reservations.

Once you are listed in the categories of the West Virginia Network sites, you’ll quickly realize the benefits of having millions of targeted consumers and individuals looking at your listing. If you’d like to get more out of WVOnline or any of the sites on the WVNetwork, we offer easy options to increase visibility and advertise within our sites. The following options are available on most West Virginia Network sites, including WVOnline:

  • Premium listing placement. You can select from different package levels that give you higher placement in the listings for searches and category browsing. All paid subscription packages will appear higher in the list than free listings (meaning consumers see you first). Premium listing placements are purchased by site and by category so you can select the categories and sites where you want to focus your advertising dollars for the highest return.
  • Deal Maker. By purchasing a premium listing placement, you are also eligible to participate in the Deal Maker program. Visitors to our sites complete “Deal Maker” forms in which they tell you what they are looking for, you simply receive the information via email and respond back with your matching product offerings. You’ll have interested and motivated customers coming directly to you – talk about an easy sell!
  • In the Spotlight. Each site features a business or organization with an article to discuss their offerings. This works especially well for tourist attractions and gives you top placement and high visibility throughout the site in a subtle format.
  • Banner Ads. Each site features banner ads. Your business or organization can purchase ad placement on any of our sites.
West Virginia Online PowerBroker
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River Expeditions
Experience real adventure in the scenic, historic New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia. Discover amazing rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, ATV touring, horseback riding and more. Let River Expeditions host your trip for memories that last a lifetime. Our affordable vacation packages include lodging, meals, adventures and attractions. Rafting is a must… something the entire family can enjoy together for years to come.
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